The Law of Attraction Matters

As you will hear me say many times throughout this book, we are on this earth to feel joy and happiness. We do this through several ways, many of which are in this book: love, service, kindness, developing our talents, conquering fear, etc. To not be feeling joy is simply to be in disharmony with those powerful elements. However, there is much more to it than that

“Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Mathew 7:7

Many of you will have been introduced and perhaps even studied The Law of Attraction. Entire books have been written on this subject alone and it is important to provide a brief discussion of this important principle in this book. The Law of Attraction has become very popular recently even though the principle has been around for centuries. In its most direct form The Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn to itself. Every thought radiates a vibration if you will, and that vibration receives back to it a matching vibration.

Let me illustrate this with an example. For several years I worked in radio. At one time or another I did most everything one can do at a radio station. But what never ceased to amaze me was how what we were doing from a small building in downtown Salt Lake City was transmitted through a metal tower and was received by people in their moving cars who were expecting to hear what we were saying. Our radio frequency was 97.1 FM. Someone who wanted to listen to sports radio 570 AM would not suddenly hear our station. Only those who desired to hear 97.1 and matched their radio to that same frequency were able to hear us. Putting it another way, people who wanted a specific type of programming adjust their dial to get that program. They knew what they wanted and adjusted their dial to get it. Had that program not come through when they set their dial, they would have been shocked.

Now at this time we can explain the technology of radio signals in tremendous detail in our technologically sophisticated world. However, someone from New England in the 1600’s would think we were witches and likely had drowned us in a lake, or burned us at the stake had we made such claims. Does the fact that those people centuries ago who didn’t understand radio frequencies make the science any less real? No, the reality is that the science has always existed and it just took someone discovering and developing the technology to realize its benefits. Today, we simply turn our station to 97.1 and expect that it is there.

In many ways we are like the puritans of the 1600’s when it comes to The Law of Attraction. Many people do not understand how it works and therefore label it as untrue, or in other words, witchcraft. That perception does not change the “technology” or truth of The Law of Attraction, it simply alters their ability to recognize it and control its effect on their life.

All of us at some time in our lives have been lying on the ground at night looking into the vast universe. Perhaps we were trying to identify constellations of stars, or simply taking in its beauty. It is always an awe inspiring moment to imagine the depth of the sky and its distances that are measured in light years. To think that our natural eyes are only seeing the smallest of fractions of the universe is virtually incomprehensible.

Rarely do we think about the universe going the other direction. That is, looking for the smallest of particles and waves that make up all things. When we do try and understand and “view” things on the sub-atomic level, or the quantum level, it can be equally as awe inspiring as looking into space. But this is the place where we learn how The Law of Attraction works. This is where we see it as science rather than mysticism.

We are all used to the cause and effect of the physical world. For example, if you strike a billiard ball with another ball you can anticipate its reaction. It is based on angles that are consistent and part of the immutable laws that govern our physical world. These laws don’t change and are the basis of Newtonian physics. In the quantum domain things are much different. The existence of it is no less scientific and “real” as is the physical domain, but we are unable to detect it with our five senses. Just as you are not able to detect the furthest regions of the Milky Way galaxy, you are unable to detect the quantum world which we are all part of.

Think back to your first science classes in school. We are all taught that all objects are made up of very small units called molecules, which are in turn made up of even smaller units called atoms.

Your mind, thoughts, ego, and other parts that you typically think of as “you,” are all part of the quantum domain. You can’t see them, taste them, feel them, or hear them, but they are no less real than something you can detect with your senses. As you continue to drill down on the smallest of particles you see that all things are moving continuously and are made of energy and information. Yes, even that desk in front of you is made of particles of energy and information and at its sub-atomic level is no more solid than a glass of water. Waves of energy are the core of all things. It is those waves of energy we find The Law of Attraction explained. We understand that energy has components of attraction. The involvement between protons and neutrons has a magnetic interrelationship. In the most basic of science classes we would use magnets to explain the science of energy.

With this most basic of understanding we can now see that The Law of Attraction is simply a scientific law which we can learn to use for our benefit or demise.

Often what I will hear from people is: Why am I not getting the things I want in my life? It is not because you don’t want it enough. It is not because you are unworthy or do not deserve it enough. It is not because fate is against you. The reason you are not receiving the things you want in your life is because of one thing, and one thing only, you are on a different frequency than that which you desire. You are on the proverbial sports station but expecting to hear Mariah Carey. No matter how long you stay there you will never hear Mariah Carey.

Abundance and prosperity are always flowing to you; however, it is up to you to be in a state of allowing to receive the gifts. In other words, you are either in a state of allowing or resisting at all times. When we are allowing we find tremendous blessings in our life. When we are resisting, we don’t feel quite so blessed. The obvious question then would be, why in the world would we ever be in a state of resisting? The answer is simple, it is because we are unable to recognize it when we are in that condition. As you gain more understanding and experience you will recognize that the more you expect an outcome to occur, the more likely it is to happen. Let me re-state this in a different way, to the degree you expect good things and blessing to flow to you, indicates the level of your state of allowing.

Now is the perfect time for you to begin to deliberately allow for the blessings of The Law of Attraction to flow to you. You may be in prison, divorcing, or in financial ruin, it does not matter. Regardless of your current condition, now is the best time to start your deliberate allowing of positive attraction. I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. It is a wonderful place to live but I like to travel frequently to San Diego. I love the warm weather and the beautiful scenery of the ocean. When I drive to San Diego I know that it is approximately 750 miles and takes me about 10 hours to get there. Yes, I have a significant problem with speeding.

As I drive along the route through Southern Utah in to Nevada I begin to like the drive less and less. When I reach Death Valley in Southeastern California, I wonder how anyone could have ever decided to inhabit the area. It is really my least favorite place on the planet. It is hot and ugly, no offense to those who live in Baker, CA. Do you think at any time I say to myself, “this drive sucks, I am going to turn around and go home?”  Of course not, why is that? It is because I know that in the end I will be sitting on a beach enjoying one of the best places on earth. When I started on this trip, I didn’t expect to get there instantaneously, nor did I expect to enjoy every moment of the journey. But I recognized my goal and knew that it would be realized. I just need to stay on course and keep moving forward.

Life and being in an allowing state of being is much like this journey I take to San Diego. You must know for a certainty where you are going to arrive and understand that there may be moments of difficulties, but they are only hiccups and cannot dissuade you from your journey. You never quit and turn around and go home. This level of expectation, or allowing, will engage The Law of Attraction and realize tremendous blessings for you.

Again, you are always in either of state of allowing or resistance. Practice being in a state of allowing to generate the positive gifts associated with The Law of Attraction. In order to “practice” you need to have a way to measure your progress. We have all been blessed with a barometer that measures our current attitude and actions and how they match with our desires. That barometer is our feelings. Many people who have only studied The Law of Attraction on the surface think that simply displaying pictures or words of affirmation on the wall are enough to engage The Law of Attraction. That is simply not true. You must feel to your core what you desire is coming, or in fact already here. It is feelings that engage The Law of Attraction, not wishes.

When someone asks you how you are doing you almost respond the same way regardless of how you are really feeling. “Fine, how are you?” However, now you need to start asking yourself that question and answer honestly and clearly. The more you are in a state of resistance the more you will feel sadness, depression and other negative emotions. When you are in a state of allowing you will feel satisfaction, happiness, and other positive feelings. Use these feelings to assess your current congruency with The Law of Attraction. Don’t use these feelings to dictate where you will be emotionally. For example, often times depression can spiral out of control. It begins to feed on itself and a person becomes more and more depressed. Simply, their depression attracts further feelings of depression and can continue that state of being almost indefinitely. Rather than allow that to occur, recognize that you are depressed because you are not in harmony with your desires and what you are attracting. Start reassessing what you most desire and alter your expectations to match that desire. Depression and sadness will dissipate and be replaced with feelings of confidence and joy. That is when you know you are in harmony with the universal law of attraction.

I love golf. It has been part of my life since I was nine years old. I really was never very good at it but I always loved the challenge it gave me. Over the years I have read many books on the subject, including thousands of pages on putting alone There is one thing in all that I read that has had a greater impact on my golf, and in reality in my life generally. Jack Nicklaus in his book Golf My Way discussed the importance of “seeing” your golf shot before you hit the ball. See the ball fly off your club into the air and gently land exactly where you want it. Feel the excitement of the success of the shot. This visualization of the golf shot is used by virtually every professional golfer today. It is clear to these professional athletes that seeing and feeling the outcome of a shot before the shot occurs improve the likelihood of the shot’s success dramatically.

Feeling the outcome of anything, not just golf shots, before doing it improves the likelihood of the success of that thing.

Now in life you will have times when you are going through “Death Valley.” It is fine to recognize that is your current condition, just remember to focus on the outcome of your journey and the brief moments in the perilous desert will quickly fade. By engaging and being in a state of allowing rather than resistance, you will have the blessings of God flow to you like never before. Always be grateful for the blessings and use them to bless the lives of other people.