The Divine Power of Intention

Dear God,

My mind is appreciating the power of intention this morning. Truly all creation comes from intention. I need your guidance in discerning valued intention rather than simple “goals.” How do I know what merits the intention that you desire?

Dear Son,

Remember we are one, your thoughts are my thoughts, and my thoughts are your thoughts. What you feel, deeply feel, elicits intention. The key is to be aware of how you feel at the moment of your thoughts. The feelings of gratitude, joy, and love are the fuel and power of positive creation which is intention. If you feel these feelings, it is divine. Those feelings engage the universal law of attraction which begin the components of creation independently. Let me be clear, once the powerful emotions of gratitude, joy, and love are engaged creation moves forward without you. People often feel the more times they say something (pray something) to me, the better. Quite often that has the opposite effect. The repetition focuses on the lack of something and confuses creation. Ask for something with powerful, emotion-filled intention and trust the power of heaven to do the rest.

My spiritual journey started many years ago and included a time when I read The Power of Intention by the remarkable Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was always naturally a driven, motivated person and routinely set goals. Setting goals culturally was looked upon as a positive life-enriching activity.  As I have grown spiritually, I have found that there is a significant difference between goals and intention. Goals are things you want, typically driven by culture or selfish self-aggrandizing want. Things like best job, big house, more money, etc. These things are not bad in and of themselves, but can be if the ego is involved. Simply, if they are focused on benefiting you at the expense of others, they are not divine. They ultimately include competition and thoughts of scarcity, a my-gain-is-your-loss attitude. Intention on the other hand is completely driven by feelings of gratitude, joy, and love and a compassion and concern for the well-being of others. Ego driven selfish feelings cannot co-exist with feelings of gratitude, joy, and love.  Intention typically is meant to enrich the lives of others through service and feelings of abundance. Goals are meant to enrich you. Period. Intention and goals in reality then, are opposite, conflicting principles.

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