Those who know me understand that it frustrates me to hear people, especially professional counselors, say that “Happiness is a Choice.” The problem isn’t that choice isn’t involved in being happy, it is that they never really define what that choice is. Usually it is said that you need to change your thoughts and be more positive. Simply, ignore the adversity that is in your life and change your “thoughts.”

My belief is that happiness is not a choice, it is a series of choices. My book Bounce Back: Inevitable Joy in Times of Adversity defines those choices needed to find happiness in a life of adversity. In fact, happiness is inevitable for those who follow the steps. We don’t minimize the adversity in a persons’ life, we simply redirect their energy to different areas that will bring happiness. Follow these steps and you will know happiness and joy that is virtually inevitable.

How I Got Here
The Law of Attraction Matters
Loving All of You
You are a Domino
The Power of Passion
The Parasite of Fear
The Role of Adversity
I Bounce Back