What I Learned from a Homeless Man and My Dog – Inspirational Blog Post

“I don’t get enough love”
– Jeremy (homeless man)

I want to share an inspirational blog message with you that touched me deeply. A few winters ago Salt Lake City had a huge snow storm. It was cold, wet and tough to get around. As I was traversing the “fender benders” and trying to get back home I noticed a man, a homeless man, slowly walking by my car. I rolled down my window and asked him if he was okay.  “Can you give me a ride?” He asked. “Now I had done it,” I thought to myself. “I should have never rolled down my window. What if he has a weapon?” More thoughts flooded my mind. “What if he wants money? I can’t afford to give him any.” Hesitantly I said, “Sure, get in.”

As the disheveled man got in, a horrible odor engulfed my car and it was clear this man had not seen a shower in a very long time. Again more thoughts came to my mind, “I may need to shower or at least wash my clothes when I get home.” Or worse, “will this odor stay in my car?” I’m embarrassed to say, but no thoughts of love or kindness were in my heart at that time, only feelings of inconvenience and a lack of compassion.

My dog Louie was with me. He is a five pound yorkie and when in the car must be on my lap. The homeless man introduced himself as Jeremy and reached out to pet Louie.

Louie immediately greeted Jeremy just as he would anyone he meets, with tons of dog Inspirational blog - Louiekisses. You could see this struggling, homeless man melt as my dog gave him love. For the next several minutes he pet Louie and enjoyed the love that my dog gave him, love that unfortunately I was unable to give. Louie didn’t see the filthy clothes. He didn’t notice the stench of body odor and alcohol. He just gave love.

As we arrived at our destination, the downtown homeless shelter, Jeremy commented on how loving Louie was and then, almost in a whisper, he said, “I don’t get enough love.” Jeremy got out of the car into the blustering snow storm, and was gone. Continue reading

Removing Toxic People from Your Life

Removing toxic people from our lives is critical for true joy.

(Each morning Jack Ryser writes what is on his mind starting with “Dear God.” After, that section, he writes, “Dear Son,” and writes what comes to mind without filtering the answer. This article comes from that practice.)

Dear God,

I am so grateful for the special people you have included in my life. I am also mindful that there are those toxic people that have been removed from my life and can no longer be included, though there is still love there. Removing them from my life does cause some guilt, though I know that the guilt is not of you, but the residue of the flawed thinking of my past.

Dear Son,

Just because you love someone does not mean you need to give them access to your life. The fact is, your life is sacred ground and only those that bring love, kindness, and joy are allowed in it in any meaningful way. It is still critical to continue to love them, but it is okay to love them and still say good-bye. Embrace this thought completely, it is okay to say goodbye to someone you love. Continue reading