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I am a Certified Life Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker. My goal is to help people feel inspired to change their lives so they can enjoy happiness regardless of the adversity they are facing. I grew up in a home with ridiculous amounts of drug and alcohol use, was a care-giver to my wife for many years, had a house burn down…



If you want to look at your life and grow this book will point you in the right direction. I frequently doubt myself and how others see me. Jack’s book helped me realize I am perfect just as I am. How can anything from God be any less. I highly recommend this book.

Linda Martin

This author is an incredible human being with an amazing (and practical) outlook on life after all the crap he has been through. Why can’t everything in life be so obvious and so helpful

Jennifer Budge

Life can be so challenging. Sometimes we just need a little help. Jack’s experiences and engaging way of sharing them was both entertaining and inspiring. It helped me take some steps in my life to find more happiness in my life. Like I said, sometimes we just need a little help.

Lisa Winderlin

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Bounce Back: Finding Joy During Times of Adversity

By Jack Ryser

Jack cared for his beautiful wife who suffered with lupus for many years, had a home burn down, was widowed at thirty-four years old, was a single parent with three daughters under eight, remarried four years later, had a baby pass away at birth, survived a devastating divorce, had a once successful company go out of business, suffered bankruptcy, and struggled with intense depression. Life simply had become too hard, Jack either needed to do something to find joy or he would be unable to continue. Bounce Back: Finding Joy During Times of Adversity details the steps Jack took to find joy that he didn’t know could exist. This happiness is with him despite the continued adversity that is in his life. You can find the same peace and joy in your life by using the Bounce Back strategies.

Bounce Back: Finding Joy During Times of Adversity